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Dealing with the death of someone close to you can be one of the most difficult and emotional times in your life. It could be your first experience of dealing with a bereavement and you may be left questioning what you are supposed to do.


Please take a look at the options available to help you decide the right level of support for your circumstances.


Every estate is different, so it's your choice as to how you decide to administer the estate. Our services are designed to offer you the right level of help based on your individual needs.

*All prices shown are including VAT but are excluding any expenses

Bereavement Guide 

What to do when someone dies

Free Bereavement Guide

Discover what to do when someone dies. From the immediate steps to take, for example, registering the death, obtaining a death certificate, arranging a funeral, looking after dependants or securing the property; to distributing the property or possessions of the deceased. The steps are free to use, have a wealth of information and are available just one click away.

If you are looking for the tools to do it yourself, please take a look at MyDigiExecutor in the next section.


MyDigiExecutor Online Toolkit


In-depth, comprehensive, online ‘Do it Yourself’ service, giving you everything you need to ensure you have dealt with the estate in line with your responsibilities and liability as a personal representative. This toolkit can be used whether a Grant of Representation is required or not, even if a Will was not left. Features include:

  • Securely produce Government forms within the toolkit

  • 50 pre-populated letter templates for notifying organisations, beneficiaries and other interested parties

  • Automated checklists

  • Estate accounts produced in accordance with the law in England & Wales

  • Time saving, as everything is in one place

  • Trusted links to expert services

  • Suitable for estates under the Nil rate band currently £325,000


Online Toolkit


Supported Toolkit

MyDigiExecutor Supported Toolkit


In addition to all the benefits of the Executor Toolkit, a dedicated Bereavement Adviser will be appointed to help you.

Legal and practical advice can be given to you over the phone, by email. Your Bereavement Adviser can log into your Online Toolkit and complete parts of the process for you, if you grant them access. This option allows you to keep control of the process but with as much or as little support as and when you need it.

Suitable for estates under the Nil rate band currently £325,000

Add fast track Grant of Probate application for an extra £650

Hand it to a Solicitor

1.25% of the estate*

England & Wales. Subject to minimum fee of £2100

Simply hand everything over to a specialist who will do it all for you. You will be assigned a Solicitor, who will deal with the entire matter for you and will be on hand throughout. They will cover everything needed in order to finalise the Estate Administration and to ensure your legal responsibilities are adhered to. 

This option is suitable if you do not feel comfortable with dealing with the estate administration or you do not have the time.

Hand it to a Solicitor

*Additional Expenses:

Probate Registry fee - £155.00

Probate Registry application approval fee - £12.00

Statutory notice fees - variable, but approximately £200.00

Dormant asset search fee - variable, but approximately £150.00

Fee for each additional office copy of grant of representation - £0.50

Fee for office copies of registered title to property -  £10.00

Death Certificate - approximately £4.00 per copy

Many people won’t have heard of the terms such as Estate Administration or Probate and will not be familiar with what needs to be done when someone has died.

What is Estate Administration?

Estate Administration is in fact a legal process which must be followed when someone dies; and as well as the legal aspect, also includes financial and taxation matters that need to be finalised. 

For an overview of the 10 steps of dealing with a bereavement 

Property values, as well as family structures have changed a lot which can cause complexities to arise even in what might seem the simplest of situations.


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