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Step 6 - Collecting Assets and paying Debts 

MyDigiExecutor - Step 6

Statutory notices

It is strongly advised you advertise for any unknown creditors and / or beneficiaries to come forward. This offers protection and reduces your liability in the event of an unknown creditor comes forward at a later date; after all of money has been paid out. If you do not place the advertisement and money has been paid out the estate, then you may be expected to settle with the creditor from your own funds. Place a notice here if you haven't already.

The advertisement expires after 2 months and 1 day, after which time it is safe to distribute the estate, although it is advisable to wait 6 months from the date of death in the event of any claims being brought against the estate.

Register the Grant or Statutory Declarations with the Asset Holders

Once you have obtained the Grant of Representation it needs to be sent to all of the required companies to enable them to release the monies. This can either be the original or one of the sealed office copies.

6 register grant
6 selling assets

Selling Assets

Once the Grant of Representation has been received, you will be able to legally complete the sale of Assets, such as property or investments.

Collecting money

As you start to receive monies from the asset holders, you will need to ensure that the money is paid into the Executor account, keeping a separate note of the income and capital. Setting up a Cash account will help you with this.

6 collecting money
6 paying debts

Paying the Debts

Although there is no legal time limit for the payments to be made, it is advisable to wait until the expiry date of the statutory notices (which is 2 months and 1 day from the date of the notice, this is the time given for any unknown creditors or beneficiaries to come forward) before settling the Debts.

Debts are a priority and should be paid before any of the beneficiaries receive their entitlement.

Paying the Expenses

As well as existing Debts, there will also be certain Expenses that need to be paid, this will include any that have paid on behalf of the estate.

6 paying expenses
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